October 5, 2011

  • RIP Steve Jobs

    I’ve been a fan of his for years. 

    The man revolutionized our world…our digital world. 

    He innovated.  He lead with great vision.  He was…brilliant in his own right.


    And this is the only thing on the www.apple.com website right now. 


October 4, 2011

August 19, 2011

  • Where Has All the Punctuation Gone?

    Dear Xangans, Facebook Friends, Strangers, and Sworn Enemies of the Galactic Empire–why have you all stopped using punctuation? 

    Reading Facebook and Twitter has turned into a perpetual lesson in decryption.  AND, in a song lyric today, I saw the word “cuz”. I don’t think that’s a word, by the way.


    But really, back to the punctuation…


    Is it so hard to throw in a comma here and there? Can you give a brotha some proper apostrophes? And I don’t mean apostrophe’s…I mean the difference between your and you’re.


    I’m not THAT old, seriously…



    **END OF RANT**

June 28, 2011

  • Only From the Mind of Noah…

    The other day, we were all talking and reading in the car…something came up and we started talking about how sometimes friends can try to get us to do things we know we shouldn’t do.

    In order to prompt interaction from the boys, I asked, “Now, what are some things that friends might try to get us to do? Things that we KNOW we shouldn’t do…”

    Nathaniel gave some standard answers…you know…ones I would expect, like “smoke”, “cheat on a test”, and so on…


    But Noah.

    Oh, my Noah…


    Noah started spouting off the BEST answers I have heard EVER. I was doing all that I could to control my laughter (good thing I was in the front seat, and he in the back).  They were so good I frantically wrote them down.

    Here are some of the things that Noah thinks he shouldn’t do, even if a friend tries to persuade him:

    -Break a light bulb that costs a million dollars.

    -Cause a tornado

    -Cut down a tree

    -Break a tire on a truck

    -Try to break the pavement

    -Shoot a bow and arrow at a car



    Just had to share this hilarious Semsen family moment.

June 27, 2011

  • Two Babies, One Family, and Buckets of Pain

    Even though I get on xanga every once in a blue moon (you know, since facebook took over the world), I would be remiss to not blog about some craziness that my family is dealing with right now.

    You may remember some trials that my brother (John) and his wife went through several months ago with their daughter, Savannah–who has hydranancephaly.  Well…this is my SISTER, April, and her baby! Two siblings with baby issues! Yikes!

    My sister had her second child 7 weeks ago, way early. They had to C-section the baby 4 weeks before her due date because there was some bleeding in the womb.  Not good stuff…the baby (Jackson) was rushed to Stanford Medical and put in the NICU.  April had to stay in Sonora (3 hours away from Stanford) to recover from the C-section for several days. 

    Well, so far, Jackson has not been able to breathe on his own.  At first they thought is was because the lungs were under-developed, but after 7 weeks of trying to get the baby to breathe without a breathing tube…they know that is not the case.  BUT, the doctors don’t really know WHY Jackson can’t breathe on his own…and it has been a difficult several weeks for mom and dad as they deal with a lot of uncertainty…I mean, it’s GOT to be hard when the doctors come back shaking their heads in bewilderment.  I would hate it. 

    Well…to make a long story short, the prognosis for Jackson is not great.  Not great at all…right now they are looking at a tracheostomy (putting a hole in his throat so he can breathe)….here is a recent update from Jackson’s dad:


    Jackson will be getting a tracheostomy sometime [this] week. We were informed that having ten breathing tube removals is quite a bit with no advancement. So really our only two options are really either a tracheostomy or unplugging the machine and letting him go.

    Well for us, letting him go isn’t even an option.

    The reason they give family’s that option is having a Trach baby is a big responsibility because even if he is able to breathe without ventilation after the procedure he will still need 24 hour care. The good news is it wouldn’t necessarily require a nurse, just someone willing to be trained.

    There will be a lot going on in the next few weeks, once the procedure is done and he heals up, then to see if he needs a ventilator.  If he doesn’t then we would need to find in home care…if we can’t find in it then we would have to be at a transitional facility for at least the first year. We might have to consider moving to be closer to a hospital to be closer to care.

    It has been tough for the last 7 weeks, but we are starting to move forward and a lot of hard steps and decisions are coming up. Most of the above issues are the best case scenario. If he can’t breathe on his own then it could be years till we can bring him home and that creates a whole lot of other issues.
    I am aware this is a lot of info to have anyone digest, but I wanted you all to know what we are facing and to continue the prayers, encouragement, and support cause we really need it right now. I really, really, really appreciate everything, that everyone has done and is doing. All of you mean the world to us. Thank you for the support.


    Here is a picture of my sister (April), her son Tyler, and baby Jackson at Stanford Medical.


    This is going to be a LIFE-CHANGING week for them.  I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Thanks, all…

April 1, 2011

March 4, 2011

  • Let it Be (Dress Rehearsal)

    This is a short version of my two precious boys singing “Let it Be” for their talent show this year.  The talent show is tonight and tomorrow, and we couldn’t be prouder!

    (FYI-this is a dress rehearsal, so you’ll see the stage manager walk right in front of Noah to turn on his mic…that won’t happen during the show!)



February 7, 2011

  • Christina Aguilera and The Star-Spangled Banner

    Christina Aguilera is probably really bummed out at herself right now for messing up the lyrics on The Star-Spangled Banner yesterday.  I know I would be…

    But nonetheless…it happened.  Now, I am not going to jump on the “Let’s-all-make-fun-of-the-Superbowl-entertainment bandwagon”, because that would be too easy.  And that’s just not how I roll. 

    The truth is, Will.I.Am’s helmet-hat-hair-thingy was pretty awesome.  And the rest of their outfits were pretty cool too…but I am not one that has enough previous experience watching Superbowl halftime shows to give a critical response to performance, entertainment value, or attire.  However, my personal favorite response (and OH MY there were SOOOO many negative ones on FB and Twitter) to the B.E.P.’s performance yesterday was a tweet by Seth Meyers,

    “And after that halftime show the Black Eyed Peas lived out the rest of their days fighting crime in outer space.”




    BUT–let’s just say that Maya Rudolph called it, waaaaaaay back in 2007ish.



January 28, 2011

  • The Superbowl What?!?!

    Is it me? Or is the Superbowl next week?


    Now, this may come as a shocker, but I actually LIKE to watch the Superbowl.  (GASP!)


    Here’s why…

    Not because of the game, but because of the event.  I would totally get together with friends to talk and hang out and eat food while watching a huge sporting event.  I just wouldn’t choose to do it by myself in my own home, by myself.  It’s like eating at Pat and Oscars–you go there to get a huge table and share pizza and breadsticks.  P&Os is never fun by yourself. 

    Gosh…in fact…getting together with friends is always great…I guess that’s why we always host Survivor-watching parties every week and had a throng of people over every Wednesday for the last season of LOST.  It’s fun to hang with good peeps and share some entertainment and laughs together.


    So.  Who’s watching the game?

January 3, 2011

  • My Wife’s a Genius, Part II

    A fantastic start today for World 1 and World 2!

    And upon quick review of today’s progress, Christy decided to make a World 3 for when the kids get HOME from school (including things like homework and chores).  I’m telling you, she’s super smart, this woman.


    So here is World 2 and 3.  My favorite is the Hammer Bros. dude that is waiting right at “practice piano”.  And if any of you ACTUALLY play this game, you’ll see that she sat there and copied it right off of the Wii. 

    I LOVE IT.